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Terms of Service

Rules and Regulations for Dumpster Rental
DO NOT PARK in front of dumpsters

Items We Accept with Extra Fee


Car tires, refrigerated appliances, washers, dryers, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, water heaters.


Do Not Overload Dumpsters


Do not place materials above the sides of the dumpsters. The level of the load must be below the rim of the dumpster with nothing hanging off the sides. The driver must be able to safely tarp the dumpster. If the driver cannot tarp the dumpster, then they cannot remove it.


Maximum weight allowance is 5,000 lbs for 12 yard dumpsters, 9,000 lbs for 18 yard dumpsters and 8,000 lbs for Concrete/Dirt dumpsters. Heavy materials such as shingles, bricks, rock, sand, gravel, dirt and other dense materials shall not constitute for more than 25% of total load and shall not be loaded more than 2 ft from floor of dumpster. CONCRETE LOADS ARE PROHIBITED IN OUR REGULAR DUMSPTERS (CONCRETE IS ONLY ALLOWED IN OUR CONCRETE/DIRT DUMPSTERS).


Dumpster Accessibility


Do not block the dumpster the day of pick up and please allow enough room for a safe pick up. If the pick up date of your dumpster needs to change, you must call us 24 hours before scheduled pick up date. If driver tries to pick up dumpster and is not able to due to a schedule change or if blocked, a fee can incur. 


Damage to Pavement


Customer takes full responsibility for any damage that may be caused to driveways, asphalt, lawns, sidewalks, etc. Although, unlikely since our dumpsters remain on tires, but always a possibility.


Use of Equipment


The dumpster that we furnish will remain property of Southwestern Dumpster Rental. Customer is responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your handling of our dumpster, except for normal wear and tear. Customer will not move or alter the dumpster and will take reasonable precautions to prevent others from doing the same. Customer will use the dumpster only for its intended purpose. Customer is 100% responsible for all items placed into the dumpster.


All customers are emailed our terms and conditions upon booking with us and are required to sign via Transaction Desk Signature. Failure to sign our terms and conditions may result in a delay of service. Any use of the dumpster automatically implies full acceptance of our full terms and conditions. Customers may request a copy of our terms and conditions prior to ordering by calling us. It is recommended that customers use a tarp to cover the dumpster during rainfall as no discounts for water weight will be given. Our disposal sites do not offer a discount due to water weight.


Service Area


Our general service area is within a 20 mile radius of carefree Hwy and I17 in Phoenix , AZ. We DO service outside the 15 mile radius with a possible mileage surcharge  (only mileage while towing will be charged). Just call for more details.


Materials Not Accepted


It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that only acceptable wastes are delivered to the dump. The following is a partial list of wastes, which are prohibited for disposal.


*Hazardous Materials including but not limited to asbestos, chemicals, lacquer, paint thinner, wood stain, household cleaners, contaminated soils/absorbents, pesticides, HAZMAT, anything flammable, wet paint, oils, gasoline, propane tanks, mercury-based materials, oil filters, batteries, etc.*


In addition, other wastes may be deemed unacceptable at the owner or operator’s discretion. 




Payment & Cancellation 


Full payment is due at the time of booking a dumpster. If you cancel at least 24 hours before the start date of your rental, you will receive a full refund. A cancellation the day of your rental will incur a $150 fee. 

Payment for our other hauling services can be accepted at the job site before we take off with the load. We accept cash, credit, Venmo or Zelle

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